We are a green energy consultancy, focused on renewable energy development.

More About Our Company

The Greenspan Agency assists farmers, landowners and businesses develop renewable energy generating capacity, whilst reducing the costs of imported electricity through physical and contractual change.

We have project managed over 80 MW of generating capacity through various stages of planning and development. These projects include wind turbines, anaerobic digestion, hydro, solar PV and biomass. We currently have over 20 MW of generating capacity in development and are continuing to expand our services into new technology types.

Our sister company Greenspan Electric builds, owns and operates renewable energy generating capacity.

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Recent Blog Posts

21 April 2017 |

Britain set for first coal-free day since Industrial Revolution

Coal’s Share of UK Electricity generation 2015: 23% 2016: 9% 21 April 2017:...

27 March 2017 |

National Grid announce the Triad periods for Nov16-Feb 17

Greenspan have now concluded their Triad Warning System for Nov 16 – Feb 17. Of the 120 day Triad season,...

10 March 2017 |

Reminder: SmartestEnergy will withdraw from the FiT scheme as of 31st March 2017

As many will already know, SmartestEnergy will no longer participate in the Feed-in Tariff scheme as a voluntary...

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